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Landscape Maintenance

We maintain your sprinkler systems and save you money
Here are a few of our most popular services:

  1. Sprinklers: They are the hardest working part of your system and are exposed to the most danger ... lawn mowers! They should be checked weekly especially after mowing to ensure they are not broken, loose or misdirected. If you are experiencing low pressure and poor coverage, its time to have your heads checked or replaced.
    Sprinkler Systems

  2. Overseeding: The best time to tune up your sprinkler system is BEFORE you overseed. This is insurance for your new winter lawn to come in thick and lush. Complete Sprinkler System Tune-up consists of addressing any or all of the following items:

    • Inoperable timers
    • Inoperable zone valves
    • Stuck zone valves
    • Broken sprinklers or nozzles
    • Broken pipes
    • Uneven sprinkler coverages
    • Low pressure problems
    • High pressure problems

    When all work is complete, a proper "watering in" schedule will be programmed into your timer to optimize your new lawn growth. In addition, all heads will be flagged to avoid damage by lawn mowing equipment.

    Sprinkler System Tune-up

  3. Valve rebuilding: The valve is the most important part of your irrigation system. You may not even know they exist, but they silently send water to all of your sprinklers and emitters every day. The most common call we receive is for a zone not shutting off. This is because the internal components if the valve need replacement on a regular basis. 2-5 years depending on the manufacturer is the recommended schedule.

  4. Drip Zones: Often the most misunderstood part of your system. Most of us are from other parts of the country and don’t understand the concept of drip irrigation. The small amount of water applied directly to the roots is very hard to detect and it often seems like the plants and trees aren’t getting enough water. The question “how long do I water my plants”, is the reason for most of our service calls. Over watering is the biggest reason for high water bills and can be adjusted very easily.

  5. Timers: Your timer is the brain of your system. It tells the valves when to turn on and shut off. Exposure to the sun, especially on the west facing side of the house, is the main reason for timer failures. A timer should be checked multiple times during the year to make sure its performance is satisfactory.

    Sprinkler Timers

For more info on these packages please fill out a service request form and we will come out to your property to perform a free no obligation assessment of your existing system. You may even qualify for rebates from your city for having these water saving products in your system.

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